Mad WoMan

This is me giving a presentation! Play MadMenyourself its fun! I wonder when the next series will be on…. hopefully not as long as you have to wait for me to post again.


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It was a very good year…1949

J-E-L-L-OH!, originally uploaded by Fun House.

Not for this poor girl!

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It was a very good year…1949

Mom at the enlarger, 1949, originally uploaded by Joey Harrison.

Lovely lovely picture, This lucky mans mom looks like a movie star! I am going to try to get this look in the lab next Monday, it will never happen too much running around and panicking to be glamorous.

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Felt from the past!

My creation, originally uploaded by becca_c.

Very inspiring all the felty things that are being made for felty feb

I don’t know if this really counts, and I can’t find the good pictures of it, But this is my alien. He is a couple of years old and I made him for the other halves Halloween costume. Other work is in process but I thought I would share this.

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My dog


His name is Montgomery Ace Calhoun

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nom nom nom

So cute…and we’re getting a dog!!! I don’t know what and when but soon! ¬†Expect lots of pictures and me trying not to dress the dog up.

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Eight things

Eight, originally uploaded by

ermm I’m not one for self promotion. Its just not in my blood, very hard to do if you are english! So a very late very sleepy eight things about me.

1. I read all sorts of rubbish, I esp like books about dead people. One day I aim to read a book a day. (or every two days if I’m busy)

2. I’m a nerd. I wear glasses, I like science (esp Dr. Karl) and I have done some computer programming in my time

3. This is my last monday of my 20’s

4. I don’t like peas

5. I am organised, tidy and controlled at work. my home life on the other hand…

6. I’m addicted to fancy dress

7. Like Drewzel I would love to swing dance, but as some days i have problems walking in a straight line i dont think thats going to happen.

8. I’m a bad blogger (see below for evidence)

I won’t tag anyone as we’re all feeling the xmas strain, if you want to play along do, if not don’t

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Its a Brideshead summer

BBC to PBS, originally uploaded by Hilly_Blue.

I’m my mind mostly…

I will be hanging out with beautiful tragic men
Wearing beautiful clothing
Speaking in a very proper English accent
Drinking cocktails while floating in a punt

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Morgan-Jones Ghost

Morgan-Jones Ghost, originally uploaded by Glen Mullaly.

This reminds me of another Miss jones!

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Science in action

Next time I have to give a talk about my results this is how I’m doing it!

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