Tilly and the wall

Tilly & the Wall on SESAME STREET from Team Love on Vimeo.


Great song, love sesame street and the cool collaborations it does!

oh and next year I am wearing two different coloured stockings!


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Busy Bee

Very very poor excuse as a blog post takes no time at all but there you go!

So what have I been up to? Surprisingly little of note! Working hard at work trying to save peoples lives (in a very round-about way but it helps to justify the very long frustrating hours), trying to make myself sound good in a staff review and overcoming the English genes kicking in and being too modest, no crafting AT ALL (the horror, the horror!).

I have in the few days its been hot managed to get an unsightly stripe of sun burn which now has to be watched like a hawk for moles and growths. I am so pale its annoying, not in a pale and interesting way more in an English rose, allergic to everything, easily flushed kind of way! Even suntan lotion can bring on a case of the rashes, whats with that!

So thats it! I must have done more but the coal face of scientific research calls so I’m signing off. THe folks are coming for a visit so I will try to post but I can promise. Blimey I can’t even post properly in normal circumstances.

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1940’s fashion.

1940’s fashion., originally uploaded by EleganceisRefusal..

I am lame, but I have been working my arse off!

As well as all the science, new house general life stuff I have been looking for something to wear to a charity ball thing I am going to. I have no money and it has a 40s theme so I am looking to channel this lovely lady on the cheap. If you look through the photostream you will see some really really lovely images that haven’t dated at all !

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My creation picnic, originally uploaded by becca_c.

Sooo busy at the mo, not a good excuse as blogging doesn’t take that long. Here are some lovely images I found on flickr while doing some important science work and its taken till now to write the blurb to go with!

Looking forward to the picnic with the Kuties, am brimming with ideas for things to take.

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o9, originally uploaded by Forgotten Faces.

Bill of Fare for a Picnic for 40 People

A joint of cold roast beef, a joint of cold boiled beef, 2 ribs of lamb, 2 shoulders of lamb, 4 roast fowls, 2 roast ducks, 1 ham, 1 tongue, 2 veal and ham pies, 2 pigeon pies, 6 medium lobsters, 1 piece of collard calf’s head, 18 lettuces, 6 baskets of salad, 6 cucumbers.

Stewed fruit well sweetened, and put into glass bottles well corked; 3 or 4 dozen plain pastry biscuits to eat with the stewed fruit, 2 dozen fruit turnovers, 4 dozen cheesecakes, 2 cold cabinet puddings in moulds, 2 blancmanges in moulds, a few jam puffs, 1 large cold plum pudding (this must be good), a few baskets of fresh fruit, 3 dozen plain biscuits, a piece of cheese, 6lbs. of butter (This, of course, includes the butter for tea), 4 quarter loaves of household bread, 3 dozen rolls, 6 loaves of tin bread (for tea), 2 plain plum cakes, 2 pound cakes, 2 sponge cakes, a tin of mixed biscuits, 1/2 lb. of tea. Coffee is not suitable for a picnic, being difficult to make.

Things not to be forgotten at a picnic

A stick of horseradish, a bottle of mint-sauce well corked, a bottle of salad dressing, a bottle of vinegar, make mustard, pepper, salt, good oil, and pounded sugar. If it can be managed, take a little ice. It is scarcely necessary to say that plates, tumblers, wine glasses, knives, forks, and spoons must not be forgotten; as also teacups and saucers, 3 or 4 teapots, some lump sugar, and milk, if this last named article cannot be obtained in the neighbourhood. Take three corkscrews.

Beverages – 3 dozen quart bottles of ale, packed in hampers; ginger beer, soda water, and lemonade, of each 2 dozen bottles; 6 bottles of sherry, of bottles of claret, champagne a discretion, and any other light wine that may be preferred, and 2 bottles of brandy. Water can usually be obtained; so it is useless to take it.

From Mrs Beetons Book of Household Management by Mrs Isabella Beeton, first published 1859-6.

Don’t they look a swinging bunch of ladies!  I bet the girls crafting talents are much much better than mine, I bet you could even look at the back (Mostly because she would have been beaten if it wasn’t done properly!).  So who is up for organizing a picnic for 40?  I’ll bring the corkscrews!

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[mixwit_mixtape wid=”675c2e595f1917cb75c893c69128ef4e” pid=”c4c5357640d37927746c5d33174611f9″ un=”becca_crook” width=”426″ height=”327″ center=”true”]

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Hats of my dreams

hats, originally uploaded by becca_c.

Very busy at the mo, works crazy and moving is very is tiring! So here are some lovely hats! I am slightly obsessed with finding the perfect summer hat and spend the whole of the year looking for one! In my dreams I have a huge collection of hats for all seasons, and have many with wide brims to keep the sun off. In reality I mope about looking at stupid pork pie hats that offer no protection at all, and end up in a cowboy hat! This year I will own good sun hat and a straw boater, if it kills me!

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sexy science

Health and safety would have a field day…  I think its a shame the lovely sexy scientist turns into Dita, why couldn’t she get her bangers out??  I don’t know about you but isn’t she much sexier with the lab coat on?  I don’t know I’ve kind of had enough of Dita von Teese.  To me she looks like a caricature and doesn’t even look like shes enjoying it much.  Sexy  = silly, that’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it.  Pouting and preening only makes me want to push you into the mud, mess up your hair and kick you in the bum!

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A week of dresses

page from 1938 fashion catalogue, originally uploaded by juffrouwjo.

This is such good timing!

Its the unofficial international wear a dress week (as proposed by the lovely dress-a-day). I am wearing a dress today thought due to my lack of clothes at the moment, (emmigrating will do that to you) not one I have made. Also due to the ropey lights at work a photo will have to follow later! I don’t know if I can do the right hipster poses, but I can only try and look an idiot!

So why is it such good timing.. well my cupboard has been looking bare and 2 days have sun have got me thinking about dresses. I have been trawling the Internet looking for lovely patterns to make nice things. I am trying to block out the vintage sizing which makes me 3 sizes larger than my modern size. At least vintage sizes have space for things like boobs and hips.

The current wish list is

  • A 30s day dress for tea parties
  • 40s dresses for more everyday
  • 50s shift dresses and rockabilly style full skirted
  • shirt dresses for everyday wear

This is a very edited version, every time I look at blogs/eBay/etsy I see more and more pattern I want. I know I should go back to my dress making roots (from school) and draft patterns but I have no time as it is, and if someone has done the work then all the better!

Hopefully in the weeks to follow a lovely range of patterns will come my way followed by a range of dresses that fit like a dream just don’t look too close at my dodgy stitching, wonky seams etc its more my body that the dresses fault!

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A week of wonk

DSCN0441, originally uploaded by becca_c.

Not a great photo as my train was arriving as I was taking it! I love this poor wonky house andI live in dread of they day it is no longer. Yes the poor old neglected thing will one day become a heartless black of apartments with no heart, no love and not wonky.

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